Manufactured Home Parks in Oregon

Statistics vary and change constantly, but according to the US Census 2000, 10.3% of all homes in Oregon are manufactured homes (MH); much higher than the nation at 7.6%. Roughly 40%, or 65,500-79,250, MH are located in a the Oregon's 1,300 manufactured home parks (MHPs.)

Affordable housing is defined as costing no more than 30% gross household income for households with income at or below 80% of 2006 median. The same 40% of manufactured homes in MHPs means that one in ten owners of affordable housing in Oregon, pays space rent. These homeowners represents, by far, Oregon's largest source of unsubsidized, single-family detached affordable housing and a sizable portion of the state's total affordable housing.

Rising land value has shaken the stability of this crucial housing. From 2001-2007, 4% of the spaces in Oregon MHPs have been lost to park closure. Although that number peaked with the housing boom in 2006, the need for preservation and assistance continues.  [NEXT]

Statues defines a manufactured home park as four or more residential trailers, mobile homes, or manufactured homes placed on one lot within 500' of each other, where the primary purpose is to rent spaces for manufactured dwellings.


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