Oregon State Legislature

The Oregon Legislature is the state government's "board of directors." It is responsible for making laws, the State's budget, and setting public policy. The Legislature is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has 30 members elected for four-year terms. The House has 60 representatives elected for two-year terms. Each members represents a district, determined by population so that every Oregonian is represented by one senator and one representative.

Over 3,000 bills are considred each session. Relying largely on work done in committees, the legislature enacts about one-third of the bills into law. The legislature's regular sessions begin in January of odd numbered year and continue for approximately six months.

Committees that often work on manufactured housing bills are the Senate Consumer Protection and Public Affairs , and the House Consumer Protection and Government Accountability . Listen to audio of these Committees in action by going to: http://leg.state.or.us/listn/

Visit the Legislature's website and plan to spend some time. For example to go:

You'll find a full record of 1995-2009 sessions. Try a search by typing in 'manufactured housing.'


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Oregon Legislature