ORS Chapter 90 give park homeowners the legal right to:
● Form a residents association without management interference or fear of retaliation.
● Object to proposed park rule change by submitting a petition signed by at least one person in 50% of the homes affect by the change.
● Make a legitimate complaint to the landlord or owner without fear of retaliation.
● Receive 90-day written notice of a rent increase.
● Receive written copies of the rental agreement, park rules, and policy statements.
● Receive written notice if you are accused of violating any park rule or policy.
● Expect your park to be maintained in a safe and healthy condition.
● Not be required to sign a new rental agreement if you currently have a month-to-month agreement.
● Be protected from eviction except for not paying rent or utilities, illegal activities or flagrant violation of rules.

The same Statutes require your landlord to:
● Keep clubhouse and other facilities open from 8 am to 10 pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year and cannot require you to provide liability insurance to use these facilities.
● Meet with a community elected committee to resolve landlord/tenant problems.
● No longer charge you extra fees for pets (used to be called 'pet rent.')
● Accept or reject an application from a prospective buyer within 7 days if you are selling your home.
● No longer force you to move your home from the park based on its age, style, or original building materials.
● Not enter your space without 24-hour written notice, except in an emergency.

Current laws are a legacy given to us by hardworking MH/OSTA members. They are the foundation on which we stand today. We owe them our thanks and our pledge to continue to protect, strengthen, and stand up for these laws.


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