ORS Chapter 90

You are welcome to download the full text of Oregon Revised Statutes Title 10 Chapter 90. With the links below you can download it as either a Word .doc or an Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf file. Feel free to save it to your hard drive. You are welcome to print it out but please notice it is a 132 page document.

Also note that MH/OSTA Senate Bill 772 was passed and signed at the end of the 2009 Legislative session. It will go into law in January 2010 and be added to Chapter 90 statutes. As soon as the new ORS is available, we will post it for you here.

Current laws are a legacy given to us by hardworking MH/OSTA members. They are the foundation on which we stand today. We owe them our thanks and our pledge to continue to protect, strengthen, and stand up for these laws.


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ORS Chapter 90