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Committee of Seven

Forming a Committee of Seven
ORS 90.600 (5)(a)and (b) allows homeowners in a park to elect a Committee of Seven, or fewer, to represent residents in meetings with park management. By law, the committee can bring any parkwide issue, except for rent, to the discussion.

This law provides an excellent tool that can benefit not only homeowners but park owners and managers, too. The idea is that good communication is the first step in achieving workable relationships. There are requirements to follow in setting up a committee. Here is a COMMITTEE OF 7 BROCHURE that can help you get started. And, don't hesitate to call us if you have questions. 

The presence of MH/OSTA membership in your park can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your residents committee. MH/OSTA members are well educated on tenant rights, provide strength and safety of numbers (great backup for committee members) and homeowner input. Your MH/OSTA members can also support the committee through fundraising if they need help from a lawyer.

OSTA helped to establish the law that gives park homeowners the right to form a 'grievence-style' committee (often called a Committee of Seven) to meet with park owners and managers to resolve park problems. If initial efforts fail, the law also provides further informal dispute resolution with State-funded mediation.