Lobbyist Report
Check blogging with MH-OSTA (see home page for link) for news from the MH/OSTA lobbyist when Oregon's legislative session starts back up. The lobbyist will work with the Manufactured Housing Landlord/Tenant Coalition (MHLTC), which has consistently negotiated successful legislation on behalf of park homeowners for the past twelve years. 

Here you will  receive monthly updates as pending legislation works its way 'up the hill,' onto the floor, and into Oregon State statutes.

For information about the 2009 session, see the Summer 2009 OSTA Review . To download the full text of the 2009 MHLTC bill, SB 772 that becomes law in January 2010, click here:SB 772

Learn more about legislation MH/OSTA members have helped make into law, see the historic timeline on pages 8 and 9 of the Spring 2009 OSTA Review .

Interested in contacting your legislators? Visit: http://www.leg. state.or.us./ find/legsltr/
Just type in your address for an up-to-date list of your Federal and State legislators, complete with their mailing and email addresses and web sites.

Mail to:
PO Box 24958
Eugene, OR 97402

Lobbyist Report