If you are one 89,500 people in Oregon who owns a manufactured or mobile home and rent the space it is on, "We are your neighbors."
     Manufactured Housing/Oregon State Tenants Association is an organization of Oregon homeowners/rent-payers just like you. We believe that having the best of both worlds is not to much to expect. Thanks to hard work and support of thousands of MH/OSTA members over the years, Oregon is one of very few states in which that can happen. But the battle is never over. Homeowners need to know the law. What is protected by law needs to be stood up for and strengthened or it could simply slip away. With your help, MH/OSTA works diligently to see that doesn't happen and to help homeowners stand strong.
     We invite you to explore our website and learn all you can.  And if you are not already a member, we invite you to become a member and help yourself and your neighbors.


Mail to:
PO Box 24958
Eugene, OR 97402